Dating old photographs maureen taylor

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In 1922, the children of the Petworth section of Takoma Park, Md., made floats and marched on the morning of the Fourth.

Independence Day celebrations varied from community to community and from region to region, many traditionally including parades, picnics and fireworks.

The rug in this house is well-worn with a big spot near the train track, so the curtains and carpet also could be several years old. Establishing the dates for specific clues will not only help you verify the time frame for a picture, it'll also help you tell a holiday tale.

Symbolism abounds in family photos taken on the Fourth of July.

For instance, in a portrait, pay attention to accessories and props.

Look for signage and architectural details in an exterior photograph.

Dating Old Family Photos: Clues Under the Christmas Tree Posted by Maureen There are heaps of clues in this charming old picture of two children admiring their Christmas tree. They include: Keep reading for a little more about each clue. Woolworth's led the American market by first selling glass ornaments made in Germany and later, ones made in the United States.However, many people wore their “best” clothing at the sessions and men often borrowed clothing from a rack at the photographers’ studio.Maureen Taylor has written several books such as If you have cabinet photographs from La Crosse photographers, you will want to check out Edwin Hill’s extensive thesis titled “A History of Photography in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1853-1930.” You can access it online at .Dropped-waist dresses for little girls debuted at about the same time, but this outfit has a scalloped hemline. Vintage Train Set A whole village with "snow"-frosted foliage rests under this tree.It's an electric train set with real street lights.

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